Our Pork

The keys to Odiva’s delicious pork

Odiva offers delicious, sweet pork that is refreshing to the taste!

Practicing eugenics

Allowing the pigs 270 days to mature

Using collagen and healthy fat that is refreshing to the taste

Our pork contains collagen that makes it smooth, juicy, sweet, and refreshing to the taste. We practice eugenics, feed our pigs with clean fodder, manage our farm environment, and let our pigs live in a favorable living environment for 270 days, creating “high-quality pork with healthy fat and wonderful aroma.” The tender, springy texture of the pork, coupled with its sweet aroma, mesmerizes our customers’ tastebuds, making it the perfect dish on the dining table.


Pork Belly Strips (Peeled)

Pork Belly Strips (Peeled)

Odiva Serial Products

Black pig pork series
(frozen pork)

Experience Odiva’s pork with healthy fat and classic taste

We allow our pigs 270 days to mature to ensure their delectable taste! We use a safe, professional meat processing plant that freezes our pigs to lock in their freshness and sweet taste. Odiva’s high-quality pork with healthy fat will be the star of dining tables.

Black pig oil and spice series

Odiva’s perfect complements to dishes

The black pig oil and spice are extracted from the fat of Pinpu black pigs. The healthy fat locks in the pigs’ sweet, refreshing taste, making the pig oil and spice the perfect complements to stirred fried dishes.

Black pig pork series
(to be stored at room temperature)

Odiva in people’s daily lives

Odiva has optimized the wonderful taste of black pig pork, introducing ready-to-eat dishes that can be eaten once heated and saving our customers the time and hassle required to enjoy amazing food.

Dried black pork slice series

Odiva’s crisp pork slices that are refreshing to the taste

Odiva’s dried black pork slices are made from Pinpu black pig hind legs and are baked in a manner that leaves them with a remarkable taste. The pork slices retain the sweetness of black pig pork and are complemented with crispy almond slices to enrich their taste. They are the perfect snack to eat in your spare time.


Copyright © 2022 Odiva All rights reserved.


Copyright © 2022 Odiva All rights reserved.